This series of cards  reflects on stories from the Gospels in which women were touched by Christ and their lives were forever changed.  

They are 5"x7" notecards that are blank inside with a reflection on the back of the card.

Pleas note that both "The Woman Bent Double" and "The Woman with the Hemorrhage" cards are OUT OF PRINT.
Request for the file for limited reproduction or commercial use can be made by contacting Doris Klein, CSA

All cards from all series are $1.50 each or 8 for $8.00



Martha and Mary
TBH#001 - Martha and Mary

This painting is a reflection inspired by two close friends of Jesus mentioned in the Gospels, Martha and Mary. At times these figures are placed in a dualistic, evaluative stance of one being better than the other, rather than in a position of balance. Martha is portrayed as the worker, task oriented and busy about many things. Martha is often described as being at Jesus feet quietly listening and receiving. Each of us embodies a “Martha,” reflected in our efficient, active, doing roles of life, with linear and logical ways of thinking and reasoning. The “Mary” part of us is seen in our more reflective, contemplative and intuitive ways of BE-ing and knowing. Each, of course, carries both Grace and compulsion, light and shadow. We, like the women in the painting, are tenderly touched by the Holy without judgment and called to a place of balance and integration, honoring the gift of who we are.

Magdelene at Resurrection
#TBH002-Magdalene at Resurrection SOLD OUT

We stand at times before the dark and empty caves of life wondering what has happened to the Source of our being. Tentatively balanced on the rocks, we wonder which way to turn as we grieve the loss of what was and wait in empty alone space for what might be. Much like Mary Magdalene in the story of Easter, we don’t recognize the face of the Beloved and are taken completely by surprise as we hear our name whispered in the empty space. Turning, we reach for the extended hand of the Holy and the enfolding embrace of the Divine, knowing that somehow through this journey, we have been called to a deeper way of knowing.

The Woman at the Well
#TBH003 - Woman at the Well

This painting was inspired by the story in John’s Gospel and life itself. It reflects on the times when Jesus quietly appears on the edge of life, inviting us to speak the secrets of our heart. We assume a guarded stance of mistrust and cautiously protect our heart and soul as the patient Presence willingly waits without judgment. Our fear of being seen and known in the truth of who we are is met with a gentle glance, assuring us that we are loved in this honest space. The Holy One raises a hand inviting us, when we’re ready, to drink deeply of the waters drawn from the depths of love.

Woman with the Hemmorage
#TBH004 - Woman with the Hemorrhage SOLD OUT

(Card out of print. Larger prints available on print page)

The Woman at Simon's House
#TBH005 - Woman at Simon's House

To look at our own shadow carries with it the deep fear that if we are seen in this honest place of who we are, we will be found unlovable. Letting down our guard and acknowledging our truth calls us to a space of trust not unlike that of the woman who came to Jesus crying. As she washed his feet with her tears and dried them with her hair, she was comforted and assured that she was forgiven and loved. We come to this honest space of our own truth only when we can believe there is a loving Presence who supports is as we peel away the layers and masks behind which we have hidden for so long. In this space of surrender we can be seen in our truth and enfolded in the unconditional love of the Holy.

Let the Children
#TBH006 - Let the Children Come to ME

Children see with their hearts in such a pure and simple way the profound truths of unconditional love, trust and dependence. The description of Jesus in the Gospel, who asked that the children come to him, is an invitation to each of us to see once again with our hearts, to leap onto the lap of the Holy assured that we are loved there no matter what. As adults we often become the helper, holders and healers of our world. We take care of everyone. We become so responsible and dependable that we forget we can and must receive, that it’s ok to make mistakes, that we can be forgiven and loved.

Little Girl, Get Up
#TBH007 - Little Girl, Get Up

A story is related in Luke’s Gospel of a twelve year old girl who was believed to be dead. Jesus, who told her parents that she was only asleep, touched her gently and said, “Little girl, get up.” There are times in our lives when part of us feels lifeless. Our energy and creative spirit seem drained from our body leaving us prostrate and unconscious. Deep within us a child sleeps awaiting the waking touch of the Holy and the nurturance and nourishment always available from ourselves, others and God.

Woman Bent Double
#TBH008 - The Woman Bent Double SOLD OUT

(Card out of print. Larger prints available on print page)