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Digitally Painted Photographs




These photos, taken by Doris Klein, were the canvas on which she digitally painted using the forms and colors within. This style allowed for the sublime design of the Creator to dance with the artist's hand,  releasing hidden beauty and mystical mystery. 


  • 5x7              $  5.00
  • 8x10            $15.00
  • 11x14           $25.00
  • 16x20          $45.00

Matting and framing costs are additional and vary by choice.

(Due to the nature of the image and the proportions of the prints, some cropping will occur and larger sizes may be unavailable.)

Open Heart
PR#101  Open Heart

PR#105  Awakening

Graced Light
PR# 109     Graced

Broken Open - Universe Within
PR#113 Broken Open - Universe Within

Free to BE
PR# 102  Free to BE

Humble Beginnings
PR# 106   Humble Beginnings

Worn Torn Wings
PR# 110 Worn Torn Wings

Martha Moment
PR#114 Martha Moment

Wings of Light
PR#103 Wings of Light

The Treasure of Darkness
PR# 107  The Treasure of Darkness

Gentle Trust
PR#111 Gentle Trust

Sacred Soundings
PR#114 Sacred Soundings 

Peace, Possibility and Promise
PR#104 Peace, Promise, Possibility

Wisdom of the Broken Shell
PR# 108  Wisdom of a Broken Shell

Winds of Hope
PR#112 Winds of Hope

Freedom of the Soul
PR#115 Freedom of the Soul