Mystical Moments

Assortment Insert JPEG"These original photographs were digitally painted on my iPad to enhance and release the Mystical presence of Divine Light and Energy. The fluidity of form and the movement within and around nature invites us to engage more deeply with Life."
                Doris Klein, CSA

The 5"x 7" notecards are blank inside with a reflection on the image printed on the back of the card.
(Reflections are shown below with each card.)


All cards are $1.50 each or 8 for $8.00
(Assortments can include cards from other series)

Open Heart

Open Heart  #1401

This trillium, wet with spring rain, waits with an open heart in anticipation of something new. Rising from damp decay, she sings of possibility amid paradox. Her simple, serene shape with petals unfurled proclaims a prayer of hope, inviting us to walk with trust into an unknown future.

The mystical movement of Mystery and Grace subtly shift within our deep inner space as we, like this flower, surrender to the whispers of Light and the wonders of Love. The Intuitive Presence of Spirit awakens in each of us wisdom beyond our linear knowing and challenges us to risk creating something new.

Free to BE

Free to BE  #1402

 Tightly bound buds, neatly arranged, obediently conformed to the narrow container that held them straight and upright. Yet innately they knew a deeper call to freedom beyond the imposed constraints. Softening and stretching, bending and opening, they responded to an inner invitation to simply breathe and BE. Their pastel presence was a prayer of integrity as they released the rigidity of expected behavior, relaxing into authenticity.

These tulip teachers invite us to pause with them in a deep breath, release the needless anxieties we carry and trust the call to be who we were made in love to be. With each softening breath the gravitational pull of Grace opens our minds and hearts to the possibilities and potential we carry within when we stand in our truth, peaceful and at ease.

Wings of Light

Wings of Light  #1403

Silently she slipped into the heart of the bloom with a light and energy wider than her wingspan. Briefly there, barely seen, nothing around her would ever be the same again because of her touch. The love she carried so lightly would last a lifetime in the unfolding Mystery of creation.

Similarly, unseen Grace wordlessly awakens in each of us the inspiration and intuitive insight we long for as we face the promises and paradoxes of life. The mystical movements of Spirit urge us to pause long enough in the silence to feel the winds of Her wings waken our heart and open our mind to the possibilities of the future.

Peace, Possibility and Promise

Peace, Possibility and Promise  #1404

 A song seemed to slide from the playful petals as the breeze brushed against them urging an encore. A concert choir of color and light flooded a meadow with music and movement, satiating it with celebration, begging all to join the dance.

Dare we delight in the splash of song and the color of celebration, simply knowing we are wonderfully made by Love for love? Though impasse may surround us, Grace gently urges us to join hands and together sing a new song of a future alive with peace, possibility and promise.