Christmas Cards

Each card is 5x7 inches and are sold in packages of 8 cards. $8.00/Package of 8 (Quantity discounts on purchases of more than 100 cards)

NEW Christmas Card






#CC2018-1 Christmas Star of Peace

OUTSIDE: Each of us is called to BE the Star of Peace and Song of Hope in the Christmas sky TODAY!

INSIDE: May we mirror Love's Light in the Darkness and embody God's Healing Presence on Earth!



Front of Card: God whispers words of Hope in our Hearts this Christmas, calling us to BE people of Peace who bring healing to Earth!

Inside: May you and our world be blessed with Hope, Healing and Peace throughout this coming year!







Front of Card: Christmas calls us to boldly BE God's Presence of Peace and Song of Love in our world today!

Inside: Blessings of Peace to you and to our world throughout the coming year!

2015 Designs



20151 Christmas Hope front


Front of Card: As on a silent night long ago...We are again challenged to Live and Love with Outrageous Hope!

Inside: May each of our lives be a Shout of Hope and a Song of Peace throughout the coming year. Christmas Blessings!


20152 Christmas Moon front


Front of Card: Deep in the darkness of the Silent Night and Quietly in the Secret of Your Soul, The Mystery of God Continues to be Born.

Inside: We celebrate the continued presence of God’s Love within and among us. Christmas blessings and peace toAll people of earth!