Apricot light unfolded as this rose chose to release her fullness and fragrance to anyone who took the time to receive her gift. There was no entrance fee to witness this awakening moment, only the discipline to pause from the persistent pull of life's pressing demands and be present for an eternal moment. How beautifully Spirit kisses us with color and companions us in the awakening of each moment of our unfolding journey. Hope emerges from the Divine center in each of us as we reach beyond the boundaries of “now” into the creative cosmos of “not yet.”

“Wings of Light”

Silently she slipped into the heart of the bloom with a light and energy wider than her wingspan. Briefly there, barely seen, nothing around her would ever be the same again because of her touch. The love she carried so lightly would last a lifetime in the unfolding Mystery of creation. Similarly, unseen Grace wordlessly awakens in each of us the inspiration and intuitive insight we long for as we face the promises and paradoxes of life. The mystical movements of Spirit urge us to pause long enough in the silence to feel the winds of Her wings waken our heart and open our mind to the possibilities of the future.

“Open Heart”

This trillium, wet with spring rain, waits with an open heart in anticipation of something new. Rising from damp decay, she sings of possibility amid paradox. Her simple, serene shape with petals unfurled proclaims a prayer of hope, inviting us to walk with trust into an unknown future. The mystical movement of Mystery and Grace subtly shift within our deep inner space as we, like this flower, surrender to the whispers of Light and the wonders of Love. The Intuitive Presence of Spirit awakens in each of us wisdom beyond our linear knowing and challenges us to risk creating something new.

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